The best courses in America’s best golf states (you can actually play)

Oregonians rejoice and Alaskans despair! Golfweek made waves nationwide this week with the publication of their piece “What is America’s best golf state?”

It’s a brilliant depth charge into the golf media space: Rather than merely indicating the best public courses in each state, why not light the fires of state loyalty and pit, say, Michigan against Massachusetts. If you have the slightest ounce of state pride, you’re going to click through to the ranking. You can’t help but know.

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In compiling their ranking, Golfweek, fortunately, stuck to courses you can actually play. Because, really, who cares what state has the best private venues? So the handful of best public, semi-private, and resort courses only, were considered for the ranking. Not surprisingly, distinguished private course/old money heavy states like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania don’t place highly.

So there are two points of curiosity here for the golf fan.

  1. How the top states stack up.
  2. What are these glorious public tracks?

With respect to the latter, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 best states for golf and the best public venues therein, based on consensus opinion and no shortage of debate.

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