Aaron Rodgers and Shooter McGavin have epic war of words on Twitter

The Shooter McGavin Twitter account is one of the better members of golf’s social media community. He’s arrogant, absurd and narcissistic, but that’s enough about Aaron Rodgers. We hope you enjoy this encounter between two stalwarts. 

The whole exchange began when Rodgers announced he would no longer be playing golf. At 33 years old, Rodgers needs to look after his body, and golf seemed like an unnecessary injury risk during the offseason. His decision was met with some heat, especially from Shooter McGavin. Golf’s biggest stickler wasn’t amused when he heard the news. Here are the highlights:

You get the general gist. There’s a good to fair chance that this isn’t even Rodgers. With 3.1 million Twitter followers, it’s unlikely Aaron is responsible for the majority of his posts. A PR firm will have the passwords, and an intern will be responsible. Who knows, maybe he involved in this exchange.

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