Costco put their golf balls online and they sold out immediately

This craze surrounding the Kirkland Signature golf balls is not letting up anytime soon. Costco released it’s revered and beloved Urethane golf balls for online purchase Tuesday and come Wednesday morning they were sold out.

Even with the quiet approach to it’s release online, the balls that have been compared to the likes of the Pro V1, were quickly nabbed by the desperate golfer. Selling at $24.99 for a 24 pack of top notch golf balls, it’s no wonder they’ve been flying off the shelves. Even with a lawsuit pending with Titleist, the ball has been anticipated nonetheless.

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The ball popped up on shelves Thursday of the Masters, and even with golfers expecting a rise in price on the heavily demanded ball, the price stayed the same as it was originally sold. They weren’t available online until this week and with both sold out in stores and online, it seems as though Costco has found its niche in the golf ball market.

Costco may be one of the most underrated markets. It has found a way to sell the most in demand items in bulk, for seemingly less money, and us consumers eat it all up. Gas, beauty products, liquor, snack by the pounds. Costco has it all and now it has added golf balls into its repertoire.

This is the third time the balls have been put on the market and have sold out almost instantly. Clearly they are hitting the target on the head and demand for these golf balls will not be dying out.

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