Rickie Fowler isn’t single; Jason Day confirms

Rickie Fowler recently posted a picture on to his Instagram with professional pole voulter, Allison Stokke, after attending a Red Bull motorsport event.

The speculations went wild as everyone was left to wonder if the two were an item or if it was just two young athletes taking a cute photo op. Fans are obsessed with Rickie Fowler’s love life more than any other golfer.

Well, leave it up to partner Jason Day to out the two during a press conference:

Thanks a lot, partner! Looks like you can call off the #FindRickieAGirl campaign!

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Look at Rickie being all bashful. “My caddie was there,” is the response he gives for not making a team meeting. LOL. If Allison wanted to keep the relationship on the DL, or even Rickie for that matter, the cat’s out of the bag. Not that there would be any reason to keep quiet. The two are in peak form, not hard on the eyes at all.

When you wish you could still be on vacation! #RickFoundaChick

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If you haven’t been introduced to the beautiful Allison Stokke, who is sponsored by both Nike and Athleta, you’re in for a treat.

I can’t help but notice that she looks mighty similar to his ex, Alexis Randock. At least now we know Rickie has a type. He deserves it, seriously, he’s killing it on the golf course and now it won’t just be his friends on the sidelines. At least we’ll always have this to look back on..

Rickie just found a new Tinder profile picture. (Source/RickieFowler Instagram)

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