McIlroy Wedding provides the setting for Garcia and Harrington to settle their beef

It looks like Padraig Harrington and Sergio Garcia have patched up there differences, after the Irishman opened up to a reporter on how the pair have decided to make a conscious effort to enjoy a more amicable relationship in the future.

The US Masters champion joined Harrington in attendance at Rory McIlroy’s wedding last weekend, and the loving vibes must have rubbed off on the two major winners.

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It was only last month when the Spaniard won his first major crown. He slipped into his perfectly tailored Green Jacket with a smile brighter than a morning sunrise in his homeland.

Harrington though, criticised the 37-year-old in the aftermath of his triumph at Augusta National. He labelled Garcia as a sore loser, following the plethora of hard-fought battles shared by the pair.

Has the feud between the Ryder Cup stalwarts mellowed though? The 45-year-old told Brian Keogh of Irish Golf Desk how both he and Sergio had made an effort to path things up, by agreeing to let bygones be bygones:

“I would say to you that right now at this very moment, my relationship with Sergio is the best it has ever been. We have had a chat because clearly there was an elephant in the room about what I said and we have decided that we will look going forward at our similarities and the good in each of us rather than any other way,” Harrington said. “We are in a great place. If anything, it has worked out for the better… It’s a situation that had to be dealt with and it was dealt with. Myself and Sergio are on a much better footing than we have ever been.”

Harrington’s career is undoubtedly on the demise, whilst Garcia’s continues to go from strength-to-strength. It is doubtful that we will ever see the two slugging it out at a Major Championship again. If, however, by a quirky twist of fate, they do get drawn together in tournament golf in the near future, it would be an acid test of their new-found friendship.

The two golfers really couldn’t be any more different, both on and off the course. The Spaniard is undoubtedly the more talented out of the two. The irishman, however, is by far the harder worker. With such contrasting playing styles, it is little wonder that their personalities have clashed throughout the years.

After Harrington’s recent words though, could there be a new ‘bromance’ set to take the PGA and European Tours by storm? Stranger things have happened, but it would take a brave man to bet on it. Despite the two-time Open Champion’s words, there is still an obvious undercurrent of disdain between the two. What the golfing world wouldn’t give to see another major duel between Harrington and Garcia. Hate them or love them, it would be quite the spectacle.

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