PGA TOUR players were asked who they would turn to in a bar fight

Sports Illustrated polled 150 players and asked them a string of questions they would never usually answer.

Their responses revealed a lot about life on Tour; it told us that pro golfers overwhelmingly supported Trump, it revealed who they thought would win more majors between Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth, but perhaps more interestingly, it told us the person they considered toughest on tour. A fifth of those polled admitted they wouldn’t rely on any professional golfer.

The Question: If you were to be in a bar fight, who would you want to have your back?

5. Brooks Koepka 4%

Brooks is ranked inside golf’s top 20 and is renowned for his impressive athletic ability. A stout but lean 195 pounds, he is one of just two men on Tour – the other being Tony Finau – cable of reaching 129 mph clubhead speed with the driver. This sort of power would complement a haymaker quite nicely.


4. Pat Perez 5%

Slightly surprising selection if you consider he is more likely to start the fight than protect you from one. Perhaps Pat has a misleading look to him? Statistically he has the same build as Brooks, but physically he’s no match.

Pat throws clubs and hurls abuse, does this petulance make him a useful fighter? I’m not so sure. The guys on Tour must know something we don’t.

3. Angel Cabrera  7%

The eccentric two-time major winner ticks a few badass boxes. Known as “El Pato” (The Duck), he has some serious swag to match his carefree attitude. He was once asked if he used a sports psychiatrist, his response was short and sweet:

“No of course not, I smoke cigarettes.”

The Duck married a 28-year-old when he was just 16 and is know as golf’s “Slumdog Millionaire” because he come from from a very rough part of Argentina. No doubt El Pato’s tenacity would translate into some serious fighting.

2. Keegan Bradley 9%

Very surprising to see this guy near the top of the list. I guess if you have the balls to pull off his elaborate pre-shot routine you must be kind of tough. He did feature in a hilarious confrontation with Angel Miguel Jimenez, perhaps proving he might (the fight was laughable) have the temperament to get violent.


1. Ernie Els 15%

Sports Illustrated reported players saying things like, “we’ve heard stories about Ernie.”

The Big Easy is known for his drinking ability, so there’s a good chance people have seen him in action. It was claimed that he once got so drunk he thought he was invisible, which is slightly worrying if you need him to have your back. I wonder if you could rely on him before this level of insobriety was reached? He strikes me as a loyal bloke who wouldn’t be afraid to meet aggression with even more aggression, the ultimate wingman in a time of crisis.

PGA pro’s getting absolutely hammered:

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