Tommy McAuliffe: Remembering the incredible skill of this legendary golfer

The British Pathe archives provide “The Golfer with No Arms.” Filmed in 1932 in the USA, this incredible footage shows the sheer skill of handicapped golfer Tom McAuliffe.

Born in 1893, Tommy was the oldest of five children, and he was just nine when he lost both his arms in a terrible accident. He describes running to meet his mother when he fell on a train track:

“Where, before anyone could help me, the train had passed. And I knew right away that I would never again touch anything with my two hands.”

What followed was an extraordinary life where he sidelined a disability through his unrelenting determination.

“When I was nine, just after the accident, I overheard someone tell my mother I’d end up on a street corner selling pencils. That is why I have enjoyed working so hard, to prove that a handicapped person doesn’t have to be handicapped.”

This short documentary shows how he lived up to his mantra. The father of four averaged 92 through 18 holes, with a personal best of 85. A truly inspiring story that needs to be told.

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