U.S. Open adds insane amount of money for record payout

Are you sick of wasting dimes on scratch tickets that prove fruitless? Well, if you happen to golf well enough to play in the U.S. Open, luck is on your side.

The USGA recently decided they are making enough money to share more with the players… to the tune of $12 million dollars.


This increase in dough marks the highest purse in golf, beating out the PGA Championship, which formerly held the title for fattest purse in the land. Apparently, the USGA feels like the monopoly man after signing a $100 million deal with FOX sports.

The prize increase will take effect this year at Erin Hills in Wisconsin for the U.S. Open. The ante has increased by $2 million dollars from the past two years. Even the seniors and women will benefit from the increase; with an upgrade of $5 million dollars for each.

That’s a lot less than the men’s $12mil but something is better than nothing. Lydia Ko recently spoke out about equal pay for women in the industry, but at this point there is no denying that the PGA Tour brings in the most bang for it’s buck.

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All in all, everyone seems to win here. Male players get paid, the USGA certainly is doing fine, and even women get an increase! Will other majors follow suit? And does an increase in tournament prize money signal a positive direction for golf? We will know soon enough.

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