Lots of men use golf to hide their affairs, according to study

New research suggests that men who play team sports are most likely to use that as an excuse to hide an affair. The big anomaly was golf, which ranked highly on the list of adulterous sports, according to the Independent.

In a survey of 1,750 men, researchers found that rugby players are the worst culprits, with 21 per cent covering up their infidelity by claiming they’re training or playing a match. Golf came in at a close third, behind football, with 17% of participants using the links to hide their affair.

The competitive environment found in a changing room can encourage promiscuous behaviour, according to psychologist Dr Kelly Campbell:

“High levels of testosterone lead men to think they need more sex than women, and various studies have shown that those who exercise more have higher levels of the hormone.”

So why does golf score so highly on the list? A study found that a 90-minute football match increased testosterone levels by 30 per cent, but what about the sedentary sport of golf? In fact, most of us swirl down a few oestrogen-boosting beers, hardly the alpha-inducing elixir that the more rigorous sports lay claim to.

Source : The Independant

Professional golf has a long and inglorious history with adultery, but why? Firstly, there’s the exorbitant wealth–an aphrodisiac that needs no introduction. Secondly, golfers can venture round in relative anonymity, for the most part. Ask yourself, would the average person be able to recognise a golfer outside the world’s top ten? Finally, the professional golfer has to be slightly selfish and inward looking; the lifestyle demands it. Constantly on the road and always living out of a suitcase, not everyone is cut out to deal with the inevitable boredom.

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