Dottie Pepper quits Twitter following “immense disrespect” live on air

Dottie Pepper has been commentating since 2005, and what a career it’s been. Never one to shy away from controversy, Dottie’s latest gaff was met with abuse on social media’s ugliest child, Twitter. 

The two-time major winner quit Twitter this week after an on-air interview flub with Scott Brown at the Zurich Classic. Dottie foolishly chose a line of questioning that was both patronising and inaccurate. After incorrectly telling Brown he hadn’t won or been in contention before, Brown politely corrected Pepper, reminding her he won the 2013 Puerto Rico Open–Brown also finished T2 at the Genesis Open earlier this year.

This was forgivable, Dottie was probably misinformed by whoever pulls the strings at the network. Her behaviour afterwards was, however, inexcusable. Instead of letting the mistake pass, Pepper compounded the issue by stating Brown hadn’t contended in a “full-field, regular event.” This was hugely disrespectful to Brown, and Twitter let her have it.

Dottie emailed SBNation to explain her decision to retire from Twitter. She said she was “tired of the idiots,” before adding, “It is suspended by my own doing; can stay in that status for a year.” Many viewers have grown tired of Dottie’s clumsy and lazy commentary. Her immovable attitude concerning the Brown gaff was the final straw.

Golf fans are ruthless followers, something that became abundantly clear when Brandel Chamblee admitted that he was forced to block 20,000 people on Twitter. Fans pay a lot of money for television subscriptions, they expect professionalism in return. Dottie claimed that the 13th at Augusta was the perfect hole for Sergio Garcia’s ball flight. This was so patently incorrect for anyone with a semblance of knowledge. Come on Dottie, everyone knows Sergio hits power fade.

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