Golf story of the year: pro calls out player for not paying $6,000 bet

Consider this, Steven Bowditch was one of the worst golfers on TOUR last year and still managed to take home $500,000. This gives you some perspective when it comes to changing room bets; their definition of “small” is very different to ours.

Practice rounds before a tournament offer the chance for players to acclimate to the conditions. It also provides the opportunity for some slap on the back betting–ahem Phil Mickelson. This part of the TOUR is usually kept behind close doors, that was until Tom Gillis decided to shed light on an unresolved bet.

Tom Gillis is a fairly anonymous journeyman pro, but this relative obscurity didn’t stop him from standing up for a friend. Ben Crane, who is notorious for his slow play, was the guilty party and boy did he get a public shellacking.

“This was not some subtle public attempt to get a player to pay up, but a napalming.”

– Brendan Porath

That wasn’t the end of it, disturbed by Crane’s dishonesty, Gillis was lobbing grenades from afar, targeting Crane for his slow play and challenging him on his religious piety.

The agitated Gillis, however, was not even the one that Crane owed, as we’d come to learn later that day. Crane was in debt to Daniel Berger, the apparent winner of this $6k putting contest that took approximately 45 minutes on a putting green somewhere a few months prior.

Charley Hoffman also joined in on the fun. Posting this to his Instagram and tagging all parties.

“I wish it didn’t come to that, but it’s all taken care of,” “It’s crazy how powerful social media can be.”

Berger to Golf Digest’s Wacker.

It’s very rare for PGA TOUR laundry to be aired in public, but it provided the often insipid media coverage with a few juicy carrots. Crane obviously didn’t want to go into great detail, either, but did say it was “all good” and that both he and Berger had warmed up next to each other on the range. Don’t you just love the taste of TOUR beef!?

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