This celebrity revealed his trick on how to golf without making his wife mad

A recent study revealed that many married men use the golf course as a place to commit their acts of infidelity. Well, if you are not one of those men, but still want to golf without making your wife upset, this celebrity has the answer.

The actor Josh Duhamel is no stranger to the golf course. He is frequently in celebrity pro-ams and says that he golfs all the time. So how does he balance his golf life and his home life? He only plays 9 holes at a time.

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An 18-hole round of golf can take up to 6 hours in a day, which can be a lot when you have to spend time with family too. Hell, it’s a lot for anyone really. But to appease those significant others that are left at home, the best way to keep everyone happy is to play 9 instead of 18.

At least this is the method Duhamel uses, and for a celebrity to have a working marriage while playing golf too, is pretty great grounds for success:

“My wife [Fergie] is fine with me playing golf. She actually probably likes getting me out of the house. She’s never once gotten annoyed at me for playing golf, probably because I’m a nine-hole golfer. I think nine holes is perfect, you get out there and come back quick. When my 3-year-old is old enough to start playing with me, I’ll get out there even more.”

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3 hours, or however long it will take you to finish 9-holes, is much less time consuming than what a whole round of golf would take. It’s a win-win really, because you still get to play golf and spend time with your S.O., making everyone happy.

It may seem like common sense, and yet some people will probably still choose the 6 hour round over eliminating the other half of their game. Compromise makes the world go round, people.

Celebrities who probably golf more than you:

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