Trolled endlessly, Grayson Murray wisely deactivates Twitter ‘for now’

He’s gone. Grayson Murray has deleted his Twitter account amid controversy over his mid-round caddie split at the Wells Fargo Championship and plenty of trolling.

Murray, if you’ll recall, made headlines Sunday when he dismissed caddie Mike Hicks after an altercation mid-way through his final round. The response was, in a few words, not good. And Murray spent his Monday beating back a torrent of trolls.

Before he pressed “deactivate my account,” Murray did say this Monday night regarding his caddie walking off the course. He called the incident a “disagreement, not an altercation, between myself and my caddie. It is a personal matter between the two of us.”

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What exactly is the dividing line between “disagreement” and “altercation”? Anyway, quite predictably, both Murray’s management and the PGA Tour were mum on the matter, although Murray did tell Golf Channel’s Ryan Lavner that he “deactivated (Twitter) for now. I don’t want anything to do with it.”

That’s probably for the best.

In recent months, Murray fired off hot takes on Bryson DeChambeau withdrawing from the Genesis Open, bashed “boring” Tour pros, and suggested the OWGR is implicitly biased against PGA Tour players. But one of the 23-year-old’s most regrettable social media flaps somehow flew under the radar late last month. While the tweet was hastily deleted, Murray lamented that a girl who fired a tweet in his direction was underrage. Really.

As mentioned, the PGA Tour declined to comment, but it’s certainly possible they encouraged Murray to shut it down and/or levied a fine (which, of course, they do not make public).

Back in 2015, Steve Elkington told Golf Magazine the tour fined him $10,000 for derogatory comments about Michael Sam. If the Tour was that judicious and leveling a fine against a Champions Tour player, then it seems likely they’ve had a conversation with Murray, at the very least, if they haven’t gotten into his pockets.

From a media/fan standpoint, we’re delighted to watch Grayson Murray make a fool out of himself on Twitter. He’s anything but boring! However, it’s tough to see how the social media service (at least in the way he was using it) was in any way beneficial. If Murray’s agent and team have any sense, his Twexit won’t be a permanent thing and not just “for now.”

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