Chainsaw-wielding vandals cut down trees at Trump golf course

Two people cut down four trees at Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point Tuesday morning. The only trouble, the duo weren’t contracted for the work and were trespassing, keen on destruction.

The offending parties hopped over an eight-foot-tall fence abutting the 15th hole and fired up a chainsaw. They managed to topple the quartet of 20-foot-tall trees before course employees chased them off. Retreating over the fence, they left the chainsaw behind.

(Source/Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point)

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The Links at Ferry Point are technically owned by the city of New York, but the golf arm of Trump’s operation runs the course.

New York Police Detective Martin Speechley told reporters if the suspects are found and arrested, they could be charged with felony criminal mischief.

According to the course manager, per a CBS New York report, this isn’t the first time unauthorized on-course destruction has occurred.

(Source: CNN New York/News 12)

And this isn’t the first time the vandalism of one of President’s tracks has made headlines. In March, environmental activists vandalized Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles, carving “No more Tigers, no more woods” in six-foot tall letters on the fifth green.

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The would-be lumberjacks at Trump Ferry Point ought to have taken note. Vandals: Felling a few trees isn’t that big of a deal for the club. Destroying greens, however, is not only expensive and time-consuming to repair, but it disrupts the usual flow of the golf course, requiring the installation of a temporary green.

The chainsaw effort was not a particularly impressive act of vandalism…and worse the offending parties are down a chainsaw for their troubles.

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