Billy Horschel explains why he chose to throw his club at his caddie

Oh, Billy Horschel. On the heels of the Jason Dufner putter drop, it’s more possible player/caddie drama!

This time, high-motor Horschel is catching flack for chucking his weapon of choice at his golf bag…which his caddie happened to be standing next to. Now before we get into warring opinions, here’s the clip. Horschel had just hit a ball in the water and the shot you see is his chip-in for bogey.

Predictably, the Twitterverse wasn’t kind to dear Billy in the wake of the club toss. Many suggested he was tossing the weapon at the caddie. And even among those who acknowledged he was just chucking his stick at the bag, the look wasn’t that much better. Additionally, Horschel didn’t get his ball out of the cup, making either his playing partners or his caddie do so, which is another slap in the face.

Anyways, here’s his video response to the event and ensuing backlash.

And if you’d rather read, here’s the transcript.

“Getting a lot of flack on Twitter the last 24 hours or so about a certain situation that happened on the course (Friday),” Horschel said. “… Obviously I was frustrated when my 7-iron went in (to the water). I went to my 5-wood. … I holed it and I was just sort of chuckling to myself. Laughing like, ‘You gotta be kidding me. Golf gods taketh and they giveth at the same time.’ I tossed my club at my bag. I didn’t think I tossed it that hard. I’ve seen the video, it was harder than I wanted, but it was not at my caddie, Josh. He knows that.

We’ve had a conversation. He actually reached out to talk to me about it to say he was cool with everything. Obviously, yeah, it looked bad. That’s the way it looks, but I was laughing, saying, ‘Are you kidding me?’ type deal. You guys give me all the flack you want, that’s fine, I take it all the time. No big deal. Thanks for all the true supporters out there. Keep the tweets coming. Love you all. See you next week in Dallas.”

Ultimately, this is another situation of a player running hot and doing something he regretted. Clearly there’s no animosity between player and caddie, and Horschel certainly wasn’t trying to hit his looper with a club. It’s a regrettable act, and Horschel is appropriately regretful. We want golfers to play with passion, and occasionally this is the other side of the coin. Let’s all accept it and move on.

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