College golfer strips down to his boxers in bid for NCAA Championship

Another week, another golfer stripping down to his skivvies. This time, though, it wasn’t a pro in his boxers playing a shot out of a hazard. Instead, it was Jacksonville University 1-man, David Wicks searching for his golf ball in the water in an effort to help his team to the NCAA Championship.

How in the name of the golf gods did this happen? Wicks wound up in one of the most outrageous situations in recent golf history Wednesday at The University Club in Baton Rouge, La.

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Wicks was staring down a three-foot putt on the 13th hole of his round. With his partner putting out, Wick obviously marked his ball and put it in his pocket and meandered toward a greenside bunker.

Reaching into his pocket for his yardage book or score card, Wicks accidentally pulled the ball from his pocket as well. It fell toward his foot and bounced off his shoe, tumbling down the embankment behind him and into the water.

Insane. But that was only the beginning of the drama. The moment the ball hit the water, the clock started ticking for Jacksonville. Per the Rules of Golf, Wicks had to find his ball within five minutes or face a two-stroke penalty.

So what did Wicks do? Declare his ball lost and move on? Hell no! He stripped down and hopped in the water. Wicks found plenty of balls within the five-minute period, but he didn’t find his.

“It was just a stroke of bad luck. After the 5-minute period ended, the rules officials gave him a two-stroke penalty, which really could’ve hampered our comeback,” said Mike Blackburn, Jacksonville’s head coach. “But David rebounded, finishing the day with five straight pars to keep us in the race.”

That’s right. Wicks dried off, put his clothes back on and parred the rest of the holes he had left. Wicks placed third overall, and the Dolphins carded a one-over 289 to qualify for the NCAA Championship.

Fortunately, there’s video of the incident, courtesy of Wicks on Twitter.

Wicks isn’t the first golfer to strip down, so lets take a look at the other golfers who would do anything for the love of the game.. including taking off their clothes.

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