Donald Trump: Golf refuses to criticize the POTUS

Nobody inside the ropes wants a dark cloud cast over the U.S. Women’s Open. So that means no talking about President Donald Trump.

Players, obviously, want to cash checks and only ever talk politics when it’s in their financial interest to do so—such as Phil Mickelson complaining about his taxes. It’s not surprising, then, that there were no dissenting remarks at U.S. Women’s Open media day.

“None of the golfers are going to get into statements,” Cristie Kerr said at media day at Trump National Bedminster. “This is not supposed to be a political spectacle. It’s a golf tournament.”

And can we get a “focus on golf,” ladies?

“Everybody is focused on the event and the great place the USGA has set up. It’s a hard enough tournament as it is to just focus on the golf,” Brittany Lang said.

Yes! With the Women’s Open just a few weeks away, there’s going to be plenty of discussion about, well, Donald Trump in the golf media. Trump has always had a presence in golf, but by spending multiple days in the beginning of his presidency on his many courses and some of his stands on women, he’s become a hot button.

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Will there be protests? Will anyone make pro-Trump remarks? Anti-Trump? Is it a conflict of interest that the President of United States is having a U.S. golf championship event at one of his courses and profiting accordingly?

To listen to the ladies of the LPGA Tour and Mike Davis of the USGA tell it, all such discussions ought to be swept under the rug.

“Let me make it very clear that we came here, this was all about coming to a great golf course to play the greatest championship in women’s golf…You know, the USGA since its founding in 1894 has never been involved with politics. Our focus is solely on the game of golf, and we appreciate that there’s some out there that want to make this a political event, but we’re not,” Davis said.

And meanwhile, on the Celebrex circuit, the Champions Tour’s clown-in-chief, John Daly fielded a few questions about his “buddy” Donald Trump. Daly, a proud Trumpist, said “I love what he’s doing for our country.” Unfortunately, he didn’t offer any specifics.

And he had a message for Trump’s detractors:

“I think people need to get on his wagon and ride with him and let him do what he’s doing and leave him alone.”

Because that’s the essence of democracy: Letting man do what he wants. Anyway, Daly, who called trump his “buddy,” concluded by saying that he thinks the President is “doing a hell of a job. I really do.”

So, take your pick in the world of professional golf: stone silence or…John Daly. Not exactly high-minded discourse, but hey, nobody on PGA nor LPGA Tour wants to be the one to have an adverse effect on the raging river of sponsor dollars or the steady swell of purse sizes.

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