The inglorious history of women on the cover of Golf Digest

In its 66-year history, Golf Digest has only had 24 women on its cover. Nine of those covers were shared with men. And best of all, ladies, four covers were given to non-golf pros: Holly Sonders, Paulina Gretzky, Kate Upton and Paige Spiranac.

In other words: 64 years worth of men. Two years worth of women. And what may be even worse than the lack of inclusion is the way women are portrayed when they are included by the smut hounds at the Conde Nast subsidiary.

Look, I get it, Jerry Tarde and the boys know that men’s golf is more popular and widely watched than women’s, and of course, sell, sell, sell. But for things to be sooooo lopsided and so Gretzky/Upton/Spiranac-y is just…gross.

As LPGA legend Juli Inkster said when Paige Spiranac inexplicably appeared on Golf Digest’s cover…

“I know that stuff sells, and they are in the business of selling magazines, but I think people could learn more in an article about Lydia. It’s kind of where our society is right now. I don’t agree with it, but it’s their magazine and they can do what they want.”

Since we unfortunately don’t have sleeved and dusted copies of the entire Golf Digest catalogue, from the Trump issue back to the famed magazine’s inception, lining the shelves of the CLICKON offices, we’ll have to pull from this handy/did they really “Golf Digest cover girls” bit the horn dogs published (Alex Myers is surely behind this) last year.

Remember, this is not a joke, and these are real, actual covers of the most esteemed golf magazine in the world.


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