The journey of Paige Spiranac: college golfer to household name

Paige Spiranac went from college golfer to internet sensation overnight. She is now one of the biggest social influencers in the sport, and commands the biggest following in the female game.

It must have been strange for Paige, one minute you’re finishing college assignments and the next you’re gaining attention from every corner of golf. The sport was in need of a personality to take us away from the stuffy reserve of chino-wearing men, and place it in a broader realm. A way of proving that golf can be “cool.”

Now Paige has 1 million Instagram followers–ten times the number of teenage sensation Lydia Ko. This places her in the unique position of commanding more influence than some of the best professionals in the women’s game. Paige’s decision to come to terms with this “responsibility” has led to several changes. Her team now¬†appreciate the importance of diversifying her offering, limiting her glam status, and using this platform to affect greater change in the golf space.

Expect to see a different side to Paige as her career progresses. Admittedly, there will always be a place for her to gain attention with her looks but this will develop. She will try to be the¬†change she wants to see in golf, and that starts with giving back, as we are starting to see. See below: Paige’s journey from college golfer to household name

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