The sad truth about Tiger’s DUI and the craze surrounding it

It doesn’t matter what Tiger Woods does or says, no matter how long he’s been away from the golf course, no matter how many surgeries he gets, he is news. Tiger’s recent DUI, which was non-alcohol related, blew up instantly and unforgivingly, like the swiftness of his withdrawals.

Whether you are an avid golf fan or not, almost everyone awoke Monday morning with Tiger’s mugshot plastered around social media and the news buzzing with the unfortunate details. Woods recently wrote on his blog about his road to recovery after his most recent surgery, reporting that he had instant nerve relief and has never felt this good. He may have less pain than he had before, but it seems as though he still needs to take pain killers.

Woods was found by police asleep at the wheel pulled over with his seat belt on at 2AM in Jupiter Florida where he currently resides. Police said when he woke up he didn’t know where he was. The police report stated that he had four drugs in his system, including Vicodin.

“Woods stated he was coming from L.A. California from golfing. Woods stated that he did not know where he was. Woods had changed his story of where he was going and where he was coming from. Woods asked how far from his house he was. It should be noted that Woods was heading south bound away from Hobe Sound.”

Tiger grew up in Orange County, California but he hasn’t lived in the Golden State since the mid 90’s when he moved to Florida because of the high taxes. Clearly the mixture of medications impaired Woods’ psyche and made him think he was back in California golfing. Now, to me this doesn’t sound like a case of Memorial Day partying that the rest of the country was guilty of enjoying, but a tragedy for one of golf’s most beloved players.

Instead of giving Woods the benefit of the doubt, the internet exploded with memes about partying and dug up jokes about his past infidelities. This poor man, who had an unexpected reaction to his prescription medication is being laughed at by the entire country for something that could happen to anyone.

Woods had fusion surgery over a month ago, which he was prescribed medications for, as any patient would be after a major treatment. It was the fourth surgery he has had since 2014. Who knows what other medications he’s taking, not necessarily from the surgery. Mixing medications is common and while in most scenarios can be safe, there are always exceptions because every body is different. This was one of those exceptions, resulting in the DUI.

Tiger Woods changed the golf world and became an instant celebrity, not only within the sport but beyond the course. With celebrity status comes invasion of privacy and basically no personal space to make mistakes. He surely found that out in 2009 and the fact that this DUI got major publicity is just a testament to the impact he still has.

We can all be mad when he withdraws from tournaments or when he keeps tugging us back and forth about his return to the stage, but let’s give the guy a break. This is a man’s life who is on the road to recovery, which is not easy, especially when his own body won’t cooperate with him. If Tiger comes back to the PGA Tour, or even the Champions Tour, his presence alone will be historical.

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