Pros react to Tiger Woods’ DUI; John Daly offers advice

Tiger Woods’ recent DUI has been plaguing the media since it came out as breaking news on Monday. With Jack Nicklaus’s Memorial Tournament this week, the topic was bound to come up during the press conference.

Woods has won at Muirfield Village a record five times, but this week his name was uttered with a more somber tone than celebratory. The general consensus from the pro’s was shock and sadness towards Tiger and they just hope that he can work through whatever it is he’s going through at the moment. For some it was harder to process than others.

Jason Day, who has become extremely close with Woods over the years, did not take the news well.

“To see Tiger and see that picture … it’s not the news you want to see. But I’m glad that everyone was OK. It would have been bad if he would have hit someone. But obviously, hopefully he gets the right dosage of medication before he has to drive or anything like that.”

Day is looking for a home-course advantage this week at Muirfield, coming off a recent playoff loss to Billy Ho at the AT&T Byron Nelson. Defending champion this week William McGirt is hoping for a win as well. His reaction to Tiger’s DUI was more shock than anything else. He hadn’t heard about the arrest until a writer asked the question at the press conference Tuesday (which is surprising in itself).

“I honestly had to look at it for 10 seconds to figure out who it was,” McGirt said. “It didn’t even look like the same person.”

“You cannot give me every penny Tiger has made in his lifetime, tax-free, to trade places with him for one day. I would not want to subject myself or my family to that because it’s constant public scrutiny, public ridicule.”

No matter what Tiger does, good or bad, it will be talked about. So definitely an understandable statement there by McGirt.

Jack Nicklaus himself had a few words to say about Tiger’s indiscretion. Considering the way he ridiculed Rory McIlroy for withdrawing from the tournament, you might think that he would have harsh comments for Woods but he only had empathy.

“Obviously I don’t really know what happened, what went on,” Nicklaus said. “But I feel bad for Tiger. Tiger is a friend. He’s been great for the game of golf and I think he needs all our help, and we wish him the best.”

Now, for the most important commentator, John Daly had some words of wisdom for the fallen major champion. For someone that has no doubt been in his position before, his sympathy and wisdom is respectable.

He told TMZ Sports, “Tiger probably didn’t think he was feeling that bad. I feel bad for the guy. He’s gone through all these surgeries. I’m not saying because he’s an athlete he should get away with it.”

“Get back on the golf course, man. This stuff will pass. It always does.”

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