Police release Tiger Woods’ DUI footage, but you won’t find it here

Florida Police have released the dash cam footage from Tiger Woods’ arrest on Monday, and it is being passed around like wild fire. If you thought his mugshot was bad, this is even worse.

The former World No. 1 was found asleep behind the wheel, pulled over to the right on a six-lane road with his right indicator light flashing. The Mercedes he was driving sustained some “fresh damage” and had two flat tires when the police found him.

Woods, who cooperated wholly with the officers, is shown in the footage to be completely out of it as he tries to recited the alphabet and track a flashlight with his eyes, which he was unable to do. Let’s just say it is not a good look one of the most beloved golfers ever who was seen as invincible in the public eye not too long ago. That didn’t stop media from spreading the footage around.

The real question here is: Why did the police release the footage in the first place? Well, the legality of this type of situation differs from state to state, but the reason for releasing footage like this isn’t to shame the perp but for the public to keep their police officers in check. So this release was more for Florida to see how the police handled the situation, no matter who the person was that they detain.

It just happened to be Tiger Woods behind the wheel this time. While that is all fine and dandy and definitely a necessity for public access to law enforcement, it definitely doesn’t help Woods. Many are calling this a defamation of character, but it was his decision to get into the car that night after taking what he calls prescribed drugs.

While you may think that Woods doesn’t need protection, that he brought this onto himself, that he probably knew what he was doing.. it just doesn’t seem right to be another cog in the machine spitting out distasteful footage of a man who is so important to the sport we all love. You can find it elsewhere and you’ve probably already seen it, but you won’t find it here.

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