The inglorious list: Golfers who have gotten arrested

While golf doesn’t hold a candle to many other sports in terms of the quantity of player arrests, the quality of golfer arrests is high in terms of absurdity and notability.

From drunk driving, which, although a national pastime, is always unforgivably stupid, to fake IDs and testifying at a murder trial, our list of golfers who have been arrested doesn’t suffer for want of drama.

Tiger Woods’ May 29 arrest definitely trumps everything else on this list because, well, it’s a startling contrast to the on-course icon most of us grew up rooting for. This, and the absurdity of the dash cam footage of the zombie-state Woods will live in infamy.

From 2010, the NBA has had an average of 2,148 arrests, the NFL 1974, the MLB 398 and the NHL 205. Funny that a sport that encourages fighting has the least amount of arrests. So golf is a golden star among hoodlums when it comes to infidelities (that we know of). It’s only fitting, then, we lead off this rundown with the former world No. 1:

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