Jason Dufner: The most underrated player on Tour

Although Jason Dufner may not be in the media as much these days, he’s still one of the cooler guys on Tour.

The lip-packing, easy going, social media troll better known as Duff Daddy, just won the Memorial Tournament, making this his first win since the Career Builder Challenge in 2016. Many people probably the name Jason Dufner from the craze he started by sitting down with his legs out, that many other professional golfers copied, but more on that later.

Dufner isn’t even close to being the best golfer on Tour, but with this win, he bumped himself from 67th in the Official World Golf Ranking to 27th. Not bad for one win, and with the U.S. Open approaching, his ranking could spike even more.

So, why is the Duf man the most underrated player on Tour? Because he’s a bro, he handles every situation with an easy going attitude, he can laugh at himself and others, and he’s a constant oldie but goodie. But wait.. there’s more..

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