World Long Drive pro says long drivers are “the best athletes on Earth”

When you think of a professional golfer, you think of the players who compete on the PGA or European Tour, but there’s a whole other breed of athlete in the golfing world. The World Long Drive competition hosts golfers who can hit 400 yard drives with ease.

June is a great time for sports, with the NBA Finals underway, the Stanley Cup Playoffs ending and the U.S. Open happening next week. But it’s the World Long Drive Championship at Clash in the Canyon, that this one competitor says provides the cream of the crop of athletic ability.

Maurice Allen, a golfer competing in the event, had just progressed to the semi finals of the event when he made the bold statement. Obviously he’s not biased at all:

@mauriceallen360 showing some love for all the long drivers out there.

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Sure, he was riding off the high of hitting a 430 yard drive to move on to the next bracket, but there is definitely some truth behind his words. What does it really take to hit the longest drives in a game of precision and dedication?


WLD competitors use different equipment than pros. Their drivers can have shaft lengths of up to 50 inches long, compared to the 45 inches a pro can use. Their club head loft is different too. The average long drive competitor uses a 5 degree loft driver and some go as low as 4 degrees.

Because of the speed these athletes are hitting their clubs at, sometimes the face of the driver will cave in. Most competitors are prepared for any kind of mishap, bringing up to 20 drivers with them on competition days.


The pressure in this type of match play competition is much higher because of the timed aspect of the tournament. Players have three minutes to hit eight balls against their opponent. The ball needs to be the longest and stay within the 55-yard landing grid.


These men and women have the weirdest looking swings because of the sheer power they have to put behind the club. Many lift off the ground or end up on their tippy toes, they can have hitches like Maurice, or just power right through.

The muscles on these players are unreal, with arms and legs comparable to Batman with his super padded armor on. This is probably why The Rock said he could drive the ball so far. Have you seen that guy?

The preparation for one of these events is tiresome work, practicing all day, not unlike the professionals on Tour. Granted some of these guys can’t break 90 on the golf course, but give them a driver and they’ll smoke right through the par 5’s.

World Long Drive golfers may not truly be the “best athletes on earth” but they definitely deserve some recognition for their dedication to the game.

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