Phil Mickelson still has a chance to play at the U.S. Open

Phil Mickelson, everyone’s favorite lefty and short game guru, has not withdrawn from this year’s U.S. Open because he’s still “holding out hope” that he’ll play.

Mickelson announced last week that he would most likely be missing the the major at Erin Hills because of his daughter’s high school graduation ceremony. It seems as if everyone is trying to get Lefty there, including the USGA, who threw Mickelson a bone this week. They assigned the six-time U.S. Open runner-up a 2:20 p.m. tee time in the Central time zone, two hours ahead of California time, and the third from the last tee time of the first round.

Amanda’s graduation is supposed to start at 10AM PST, or noon in Wisconsin. Not only is she graduating, but she’s also giving a speech. Mickelson is hoping to leave as close to noon pacific time as he can from a private airport in Carlsbad, California.

If you’re thinking, “that would only give Lefty 20 minutes to get to the course,” you’re not wrong. The trick here is that Mickelson is hoping for a rain delay that day, and if this were to happen he could end up at a private airport in Hartford, Wis., just 15 minutes by car from the Open venue. So even though the flight is three hours and 45 min from Cali to Wisconsin, the weather could always be on his side.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Amanda’s graduation and watching her make her speech,” Mickelson said. “But I can still make it. You never know. I think it’s possible.”

Should he make the trip but not make the tee time, Mickelson joked he would make an appearance anyways and give tips regarding his never-ending runner up finishes.

“Maybe I’ll fly up and be on Golf Channel,” he joked. “I can tell everybody how to finish second.”

Lefty got jokes! AND if all else fails, the petition to get Amanda’s graduation day moved could still go through, although unlikely. Everyone just wants to see Phil Mickelson make a run for the Career Grand Slam this year, and we don’t blame ’em.

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