Glow golf: A new innovative way to grow the game

Foot golf, speed golf, Topgolf: There are no shortage of unique attempts to modify the traditional game of golf for millennial consumption and the next generation. Now we can add “driving range glow golf.”

Industry folk must necessarily applaud all these efforts amid year-over-year contraction. However, this modification, Cosmic Driving Range, has to be particularly intriguing to golf course and driving range operators:

Why? Well, two reasons. One: it’s cool as hell—taking the concept of glow bowling and applying it to golf. Who doesn’t want to hit glow balls at glowing targets? Two: It generates revenue from an otherwise unused asset: the driving range during nighttime hours.

So, what exactly is the touring Cosmic Driving Range? Nate Proell of OnMilwaukee indicates the range is coming to Oakwood Golf Course from June 15-17 and runs from nine to midnight each night. We’ll assume those are the standard hours at Driving Range tour stops.

As for the range itself, players beat glowing balls from lit-up hitting bays toward neon targets. But for a better idea what Cosmic Driving Range looks like, you’ll want to check out their promo video (which features a couple of respectable trick shots).

In addition to hitting at illuminated targets, players can also compete in a variety of skill challenges for prizes, including Cosmic Putting (a pinball-style putting contest), Cosmic Glass Break and Flop Shot Limbo.

With respect to cost, golfers can rent a Glow Bay for an hour for $60 for up to five people. $12 per person for an hour of entertainment is a reasonable price to pay…especially in an environment where large buckets of range balls can cost $10. And obviously the cost of nine holes of golf at even low-end public courses is higher than said average amount per person.

Also, sweetening the deal for the over-21 set (at least in the Oakwood Golf Course stop on the Cosmic tour): Adult beverages are available for purchase.

The Cosmic Driving Range concept shouldn’t be seen as a competitor to Topgolf, but rather a potential addition to every driving range. While it’s touring attraction it its present incarnation, the licensing of the concept could add a bit of fun to those driving ranges, and golf courses with driving ranges, fortunate to have a bounty of business during daytime hours.

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