The people who are claiming credit for Rickie Fowler’s early success

Rickie Fowler can never catch a break. When he won the Players, people were there to tell him he still didn’t know how to finish like a champion. Now, when he is playing like a champion, people are right there to take credit for it.

According to Andy Buckley, better known as David Wallace from “The Office”, said it was his suggestion at the FedEx St. Jude Classic that led to Fowler’s first round success. Not the fact that he made almost every fairway and he was putting like his ball was attracted to the hole. No, Buckley says it was his suggestion for Fowler to use a shorter driver.

Rickie did actually switch to a shorter driver to improve his accuracy, but that was way earlier in the season. Although he may have made the suggestion, Fowler was already there. It’s nice to know that there will always be someone waiting to take credit for your success.

Another person who may have “lit a fire” underneath Fowler, was coach Butch Harmon. Harmon told reporters that he had to have a tough talk with his pupil about his social media presence and how he should get back to being a golfer first.

“We had a big conversation at the end of the year last year, and he didn’t like it,” Harmon said. “I said, ‘You gotta decide are you going to be a Kardashian or are you going to be a golf pro? You’re the king of social media, you’re all over these Snapchats and all these things.’”

“I just wanted to draw a parallel to someone who has gotten a lot of fame without doing much,” Harmon continued. “Rickie is a good golfer, but he had to get back to being a golfer. He didn’t like it when I said that. If I was him, I wouldn’t like it either, but it has motivated him to work harder and show me, which is the whole idea of telling him that.”

His social media presence is one of the main reasons he has such a big fan base. If he were to stop that, he wouldn’t be Rickie Fowler. And he definitely didn’t stop like Harmon wanted him to, as he Snapchatted Spring Break 2.0 and posts pics with his new girlfriend Allison Stokke.

Kim Kardashian, Butch Harmon, and Andy Buckley are not responsible for Fowler’s success, only Fowler can take credit for that. He may get motivation from many people but in the end he’s the one on the tee box.

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