Rory McIlroy and Jason Day miss cut at the U.S. Open

Funny that Rory McIlroy, who criticised the USGA’s decision to cut the fescue, found himself in the stuff more than most. His disastrous first round set him up for failure, and couldn’t pull it together the second day to make it to the weekend.

Before the tournament started, Rory was quoted saying, “If we can’t hit it within that avenue [the fairway], you might as well pack up your bags and go home.” McIlroy ended up carding a high 78 the first round of the U.S. Open and a 71 on Friday. Even after making six straight birdies on the final holes, he still ended four shots from the cut line.

“My transition was just very quick,” said McIlroy. “Basically I was getting to the top and it was a real lunge at it. So I just tried to smooth out the transition today and it definitely worked. A weekend with a little bit of practice coming up. I think at this point in time I just need to play a round of golf. And I feel, even though it’s very disappointing to not be here on the weekend, but I think these last two rounds will serve me well going into the summer.”

Joining the World No. 2 golfer in not making the cut, is World No. 3 Jason Day. This is the first time since 2010 that neither of these player will be playing will be playing on the weekend of a Major.

Jason Day was surprised by how badly he played because he said he usually enjoys golf courses that are set up like this. He enjoyed walking the holes on the longest course the U.S. Open has ever played on, but he just couldn’t execute.

“I just played bad golf, man,” said Day, who made two triple-bogeys in the first round. “I can’t put it any other way other than just there was some good stuff mixed in with a lot of poor stuff.”

McIlroy and Day remain optimistic about their games and won’t let this one major mishap ruin their grind. Both will be packing up their bags and going home though. Rory really shot himself in the foot with that one..

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