The strangest sponsors on the PGA Tour

Trevor Woods

The PGA Tour does a good job of not allowing sponsors that would negatively effect the integrity of the sport. However, there are some sponsors that are ironic, odd, and funny. 

Recently the PGA Tour added an official restaurant category and the sponsor will be Arby’s.  Some of Arby’s advertisements includes phrases such as “unsanctioned mulligans,” “long gimmes,” “shenanigans”, and “Beef”. Arby’s initially got into the golf realm of sponsorship after teaming up with Andrew “Beef” Johnson (fitting), and now they are growing their presence in the golf world.

In another fast-food related sponsor, Taco Bell has teamed up with golfer Wesley Bryan, as his belt for the U.S. Open had the Taco Bell logo on it. Sounds like someone is getting free tacos. The fact that Taco Bell gave Bryan a taco belt is quite clever and hilarious.

With the profit margins ever rising in the world of golf, more and more sponsorship’s are going to be had. Along with the increase in sponsors, there are going to be weirder ones, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Below are some of the noteworthy sponsors that might make you laugh or scratch your head.

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