Tiger Woods confirms he’s receiving “professional help” for prescription drug problem

While it started out as gossip column banter, the suggestion that Tiger Woods has entered rehab picked up some serious steam.

None other than Woods himself took to Twitter for the first time since being arrested in the early morning hours of May 29 to confirm he’s receiving “professional help” to manage his medications.

Whether this means he’s actually in-patient at a facility in Jupiter, Florida, as has been suggested is unclear. It does seem to be, however, an admission of both a problem and the severity of that problem.

Here’s Woods full screenshot-statement on Twitter (signed “TW”, no less)

Woods’ July 5 court date was moved to early August, which led to the suspicion that he’d be spending the month of July in rehab/addressing prescription drug issues in hopes of retaining partial custody of his two children.

He hasn’t played in a professional golf event since the Dubai Desert Classic in February where he withdrew with back spasms.

Un-redacted portions of Woods’ arrest documents revealed the golfer told authorities he was taking Xanax in addition to painkillers, a muscle relaxant, and an anti-inflammatory drug. He originally blamed his dazed and drowsy condition at arrest to an “unexpected reaction” to prescription medication.

While this would certainly seem to be an admission that something more serious is at play, it’s important to note a literal reading of Woods’ statement actually reveals very little. He could merely be saying, “I’m going to take fewer medications in a different combination.” Regardless, that’s the latest from Team Tiger.

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