Brooks Koepka’s life didn’t change at all after winning the U.S. Open

If you didn’t know who Brooks Koepka was before, you definitely know about him now. The recent U.S. Open champion is getting noticed and for good reason. The guy is a powerhouse off the tee and he just won his first major within his first 5 years on Tour.

Brooks went from being a needle in a haystack to freakin’ Rumpelstiltskin who can spin gold from the stack. He’s definitely not enjoying the biggest purse in Tour history and celebrating the victory with his gorgeous girlfriend.. no way.

He just gained 600 points towards the FedExCup

Who needs a chance at another huge purse or the bonus $10 mil? Not Brooks Koepka.

Oh and 1200 points towards making the 2017 U.S. Presidents Cup team

Why would he want to compete for the Unites States in a tournament against the rest of the world? Stupid.

Exempt status on the PGA Tour for 5 years

Ugh. This just takes all the fun out of competing to keep your spot on Tour. Now Brooks will be just as bored as Rory McIlroy.

5-year exemption into The Players, Masters, Open Championship, and PGA Championship

He doesn’t even have to TRY to get into the Majors for another 5 years. Oh the travesty.

10-year exemption into the U.S. Open

Who would want to go back to the place they won their first Major at? For 10 years nonetheless? They’re just making it too easy now.

A spot in the field at the 2018 SBS Tournament of Champions

SBS, more like just BS.


A boat load of money

Brooks Koepka is the first player to win over $2 mil in earnings. $2,160,000 to be exact. Must be awful to know that you never have to work again in your life.

Sponsorship opportunities

Brooks does not have a sponsor for his clubs, but he’ll definitely be getting offers up the wazoo now. How annoying.

Worldwide recognition

If you don’t know, now you know..

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