Donald Trump driving a golf cart on to a green is very Trump-like

Whether Donald Trump is a good President or not, the title he now carries comes with a lot of responsibility and more importantly, privileges. Trump has taken it upon himself to exercise these privileges, most recently by driving on to the green at one of his many courses.

Yes, President Trump drove onto the green at Trump Bedminster in New Jersey, one of the 19 golf properties he owns. This year’s U.S. Women’s Open is set to be played¬†here, so hopefully this green won’t be used as the course has 36 holes.

If this isn’t taking your executive powers to the extreme, I don’t know what is. You might think this is nothing, considering it’s one of his own courses, but this choice¬†lacks respect for anyone playing behind him and the greens keepers who manage the property.

But controversially, Trump does whatever he wants, ESPECIALLY at a place he owns. This video, shared by Barstool Sports and originally by Mike Frank on Twitter, shows the President caught in the act.

For people who play golf or have any respect for the game, this video is cringeworthy, but the exchange is quite comical as well. Trump acts like he didn’t do anything wrong two seconds before talking to these guys and boasts about the security and his golf game. Typical.

According to responses on this post, it seems as though this isn’t the first time the President has driven on his own greens. Clearly no one has told him to stop, which in itself is a bit baffling.

It’s hard to think of a reasonable explanation for driving on a green unless someone is handicapped, but even then most courses wouldn’t allow it. Consider the lawsuit going on right now about that exact topic. But when you’re the President, anything goes, right?

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