A pro golfer is halfway to making millions thanks to insane golf bet

While Brooks Koepka was winning $2.16 million dollars at the U.S. Open, he was inadvertently helping another pro golfer break the bank.. or at least have the chance to.

Jordan Baker has quickly gained some overnight fame thanks to a golf bet he placed with Bet365. It’s a four-part bet in which Baker chose Sergio Garcia to win the Masters (check), Brooks Koepka to win the U.S. Open (check), Rickie Fowler to win the Open, and Justin Thomas to win the PGA Championship. With Koepka’s win, Baker has successfully completed half of his grand slam wager.

The wager began as one million-to-one odds, but as his picks keep winning, Baker is on his way to making a $2.52 million payout. The Friday of the U.S. Open, he tweeted at the betting site asking if they were worried yet.

His two-pound bet could make him a millionaire, so yeah, I bet they’re worried. Although the chances of Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas winning are 980/1. His chances have significantly increased, but it’s still not in the bag.

“I’d buy my mum a house, take dad on a golfing trip around the UK, buy myself a nice Ferrari and then take all the lads on holiday to Vegas,” Baker told Golf Digest.

The bet seems almost too good to be true, and although Baker hasn’t been offered a buyout yet from Bet365, he told Golf Digest that he wouldn’t take it even if they did. It would have to be a pretty good offer for him to take it, and apparently the highest buyout is $500,000.

“I have not been offered a buyout,” said Baker, who unfortunately didn’t make separate bets on the first two majors. “For me personally, I like to see things through and I guarantee this bet will be going to the very end.”

The golfing world is now pulling for Baker to win, and honestly, who wouldn’t want to see Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas win their first Majors. If they do win, three out of four of the Majors will have champions under the age of 30. Not a bad look for golf.

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