Jason Day reveals what Tiger Woods texted him at the U.S. Open

Tiger Woods has had a pretty difficult few weeks, with his DUI arrest Memorial Day Weekend and admitting to going to rehab for said drug use. But that didn’t stop the Major champion from texting his friend Jason Day, who was struggling at the U.S. Open.

Woods has said in the past that he doesn’t like to watch golf but when Day is playing, he usually tunes in. According to Day, Woods texted him after his first round on Thursday when he shot an opening 79, not something Day was particularly proud of.

“He texted me after I shot 79 (at the U.S. Open on Thursday) and said, ‘Hey, before you work on something call me because I saw something,’” Day told Golf Channel at the Travelers Championship.

“I was like, yeah, you saw 79 shots. I didn’t call him because I was so angry.”

His scorecard was a reflection of his attitude, and maybe if he had called his friend back, he would have been in a better mindset for the rest of the tournament. What was it that Tiger saw? If he had received the advice, would he have made the cut?

Either way, Woods was in his thoughts, telling the press “when you see guys go through things like this you want to make sure they are in the right spot and I’m hoping for a speedy recovery.”

Day was a part of the wrong side of history this U.S. Open, joining Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson in missing the cut. This was the first time the top-3 players in the world had all missed a cut in a Major championship.

Speaking of Rory McIlroy, he also had Tiger in his thoughts and hopes he can get back to leading a normal life.

“I reached out to him whenever everything broke a few weeks ago and just making sure he was OK,” McIlroy said at the Travelers. “I felt I built up a good relationship with Tiger over the last few years. He’s OK.

He’s gone through a rough time the last few years with injuries and being in pain and not being able to sleep. I totally understand how that can happen. So it’s good that he’s getting help. It’s good that he’s on the road to recovery, I guess. I guess everyone in golf and around the world just wishes him the best.

“That’s really the thing that he feels more than anything else. He’s felt an outpouring of love over the past few weeks after all this happened, and he really appreciates that. Hopefully forget the golf for a minute, and go back to being able to lead a normal life, raise his kids and have good times doing that.”

Tiger forget about golf? That’s a long shot, especially for someone who has put his body through hell trying to get back in the field. It’s really great that he is reaching out and getting help but Woods will never be able to lead a normal life because he’s not normal. He’s a legend in the golfing world and he will continue to fight for as long as he can. For now, we just wish him a speedy recovery, just like Day.

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