Why Topgolf is the unmatchable date location


Topgolf offers the perfect social setting for golfers of all abilities; see their Watford, Surrey and Chigwell venues for more information.

A recent study found that 25 percent of adult Londoners had one or more dating apps installed on their phones. Another study by smartphone maker HTC into British behaviour on dating apps found that 24 percent kept their profile active even when they entered a relationship; what a time to be alive.

In the past, first impressions were made on the first date, whereas these days potential partners are making snap decisions with every swipe, based on two or three images.”

– Chantelle Znideric 

This is the reality now facing many singletons; how do I determine if this is the right person when our introduction was inorganically engineered? To make things worse, the dating app scene has become a smorgasbord of different wants and intentions, making the “let’s grab a drink?” question one of the most ubiquitous in metropolitan life.

London is expensive, and a person’s time is precious. So you’re forced to ask yourself: am I prepared to sacrifice my valuable time for someone I’ve never met? So with this in mind, the hunt is on for an activity that addresses the otherwise unanswered questions.

This is why an experience is pivotal for that first impression. You need a focus that distracts from the absence of smalltalk that you so foolishly used up in those early messages. You already know where that person is from or what they do, and this deprives you of a few critical ice breakers. Shifting the focus towards something that creates empathy is key, and an easy avenue towards better conversation can be found at Topgolf.

So what is Topgolf?

“You hit a golf ball containing a personalised microchip into one of 11 targets ranging from 20 to 240 yards away. Every section of every target has a reader that detects the microchip in your clever golf ball. That reader computes your score based on the accuracy and distance of the shot and then sends the score to your bay screen. No pencil and paper needed to keep score in this game!”


You don’t have to find sport sexy to know that something like Topgolf gives you a fun insight into someone’s character. This experience really is a warts and all look at whoever you invite along. No sport lets you go up against yourself quite like Topgolf, and all of this comes without the awkwardness of being overly competitive. In fact, half of Topgolf guests describe themselves as ‘non-golfers.’

Continuing on the humdrum bar date route is a mistake for the people who want to learn more about someone. It isn’t very difficult to behave in a ‘date likeable’ manner because let’s face it, you’re never going to be 100% yourself in a restaurant with a stranger. It’s like the difference between a job interview and accepting the job, twelve months down the line you’re finally willing to show the real you; alcohol and any other imperfections you may have.

There’s also the vested interest that comes with something like Topgolf. You can go on plenty of lousy dates but how many have your back when the chips are down?

Topgolf provides the perfect opportunity to socialise and enjoy the best part about golf, regardless of ability. For more information see their Watford, Surrey and Chigwell branches.

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