Jordan Spieth Hall of Fame chances not a hole-in-one yet

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Fan favorite Jordan Spieth added another iconic moment to his memorable career. However, the World Golf Hall of Fame should not be in the discussion yet.

Jordan Spieth continues to win the hearts of millions with his clutch play on the course. Most recently, Spieth captured the Travelers Championship victory in his debut in this Connecticut tournament. The 23-year-old sensation clinched the tournament with an eye-opening bunker shot. This shot caused him to celebrate and even chest bump his caddie.

Spieth fans were surely pumped about his clutch shot, and the 2015 U.S. Open champion’s Hall of Fame chances have already become a hot take. However, Spieth is not quite on par with a Hall of Fame career yet.

Here are three reasons why golf fans should keep their Hall of Fame crown for Spieth in the bunker for now when chatting with their friends on the course or at the bar.

1. Jordan Spieth has not won enough approved tour events

Male professional golfers must win a minimum of 15 approved tours to qualify for the World Golf Hall of Fame. Spieth has only won 13 so far, which would prevent him from attaining eligibility if his career came to a sudden halt right now. Of course this is an impressive amount at his age. It is highly unlikely that Spieth will quit golf anytime soon, and his current pace may have him on track to a Hall of Fame lock career. However, Spieth will have to handle the spotlight well and not come crashing down to Earth.

2. Previous golfers were wrongly and prematurely crowned as the next big thing

Examples of big name golfers who have flamed out include Sergio Garcia and John Daly. Garcia has experienced an overall impressive career. The Spanish golfer’s career did not strike fear in Tiger Woods as expected. Losing to Woods by one stroke as an amateur surely would have made him the Peyton Manning to Woods’ Tom Brady. Garcia finally won his first major championship this year in the Masters Tournament, but his overall career turned out to be a disappointment.

Daly’s career suffered even worse than Garcia’s, mostly due to partying and losing focus on his golfing. Winning the 1991 PGA Championship gained Daly a lot of exposure, but he enjoyed the spotlight a little too much and did almost nothing of significance after winning the 1995 Open Championship. The 51-year-old frequently partied hard and had four unsuccessful marriages. Daly has only won five PGA Tour tournaments to date.

Ty Tryon may be the best example of a golf disappointment though. Tryon already received endorsements as a 16-year-old after going pro. Tryon eked out one measly professional win in his entire career though, and he never came close to winning a major championship. Battling mono certainly did not help his career.

Spieth has shown much more discipline and character than golfers such as Daly. There is no guarantee that his career will not slow down though.

3. Jordan Spieth has not faced real adversity yet

Tiger Woods faced the music when his cheating scandal became public. Although Woods endured marital trouble and gained a reputation as a player, his golf career did not go completely down the drain. Woods never won another major championship after his sex scandal, but he still managed to win plenty more PGA Tour tournaments.

John Daly’s drinking problem and frequent domestic issues ruined his career. His skillset and accomplishments are not as high as Woods’. The spotlight and media frenzy proved to be too much for Daly though. It remains to be seen whether Spieth will handle the spotlight well, as he has only golfed professionally since 2013. His name became a worldwide household name in 2015.

The Texas native has done a fantastic job of staying disciplined and enjoyed a great career so far. Spieth still must prove more before he can be crowned as a Hall of Fame lock or the next Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus though.

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