Arrested! Golf Club of Houston four-wheeling vandals apprehended

The golf gods have exacted their vengeance on the four-wheeling idiots who tore up the Golf Club of Houston.

Authorities have apprehended the morons who destroyed the Shell Houston Open host course’s 16th green. And if you guessed the perpetrators were a pair of joyriding teenagers, you’re right.

Perhaps even more idiotic than vandalizing the course was what the pair of ATVing idiots did next: They came back to the course shortly thereafter. Returning to the scene of the crime? Rookie mistake.

Since they were captured on camera, the course’s director of agronomy, Brian Buckner, was able to recognize the pair. It sounds like he then got in touch with an off-duty police officer who followed the pair home and apprehended them.

It’s unclear whether the duo were same individuals responsible for the similar January acts of destruction.

Fortunately for the course, the boys’ parents have offered to pay for the damage. But isn’t this an unfortunate thing for a pair of teenagers? Isn’t this a classic, “get a job and pay for it” situation? Come on!

You don’t want to say the parents are responsible for their offspring’s behavior, but when they offer to bail their idiot children out rather than teaching them a lesson, it’s problematic.

Fortunately, the crew at Golf Club of Houston already has the 16th well on the road to recovery. Check it out.

(Photo/Golf Club of Houston)

Nice work, guys, and let’s hope the only four-wheeled vehicles at the Golf Club of Houston are golf carts in the future.

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