Mickelson to join President Trump on re-design of 19th course worldwide

Phil Mickelson has been in the headlines quite frequently as of late. First it was his withdrawal from the U.S. Open at Erin Hills that caused a buzz followed by the untimely split from long time caddy Jim “Bones” Mackay. Most recently however, he is sending shock waves due to a recent partnership with President Donald Trump.

Yes, I said it. The man with the utmost family values and a role model in the world of golf is going to help design a golf course with a president who is one-percent shy from the lowest approval rating in history, according to the Rasmussen Reports tracking poll.

Whether it’s party allegiance or truly a love for the game, the pride Mickelson exudes for his family and Christian faith is more of an irony at this point.

Yes, he acknowledged the major shortcomings of the then-presidential candidate in 2015, but like so many other things, does simply speaking out against it matter anymore? It seems as though this remake could be a way for Mickelson to have a clear conscience moving forward.

“I think we were all disappointed to hear his comments [about immigrants],” Mickelson said prior to the 2015 Scottish Open. “Yet it doesn’t take away from all that he’s done to try to help better golf and take these properties such as the revamped Doral and turn them around and make them prosperous.

“It puts everybody in an awkward situation because we don’t agree with those comments but yet we are appreciative of what he’s done to help promote the game of golf and that puts everybody in a tough spot.”

To show his appreciation, Mickelson and his design team will help Trump re-design the 18-hole Nirwana Golf Course in Tabanan, Bali. It will be re-named, you guessed it, Trump International Golf Club and it will become the 19th course worldwide for the Commander-in-Chief (because as we all know focusing time on growing your empire and putting your name on more golf courses is just as important as running the country).

President Donald Trump’s many courses:

“I’ve been fortunate to work on some great projects, but to contribute to what will be a six-star property is a rare and fabulous opportunity,” Mickelson said in a release. “The site is breathtaking and we will create a golf experience that presents both exciting options for players on the course and memories for a lifetime.”

Mickelson is not new to this side of golf. Some of his other design projects include Whisper Rock Golf Club in Arizona and ongoing projects like Mickelson National Golf Club in Calgary, Canada, and Mickelson Shanghai International in China.

Mickelson hasn’t made massive inroads in the business world outside of golf (beyond, well, gambling), but he has designed a few venues, and will surely do more once he’s done competing. Whisper Rock in Arizona is his most notable design. (Photo source/PhilMickelson.com)




Trump has yet to comment on the new found partnership, but his son and executive vice president of the Trump Organization was quick to give Mickelson praise for joining the team.

“Phil Mickelson’s track record as a professional golfer speaks for itself and we are thrilled to have his vision and talent for our latest development in such a beautiful location.”

I can’t blame Mickelson for seeking out other opportunities, as he creeps closer to the age of players on the Champions Tour. If he wants to make a name for himself designing golf courses around the world, who better to take a lesson from then Donald Trump himself.

However, the next time Mickelson wants to talk about how important family is and family values on tour my question to him will be this: What example do you set for your children and others when you decide to work with someone so utterly incapable of having your same values?

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