Running people over in golf carts is golf’s newest social trend

Yes, you read that right. Golf’s newest fad on Instagram is to upload videos of your friend being run-over by a golf cart.

This trend is on the same playing field as teeing up in someone’s butt, both reckless and stupid. While those unfortunate fools get bruises on their butts, these victims get much worse.

Thanks to a meme on Vine, a now dead social media platform, the trend has resurfaced and golfers everywhere are taking note. This is the original post:

sorry not sorry! 😂 👉🏻(@bestvines #bestvines)

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Now here are the remakes. Of course, most of them have been submitted to the account Total Frat Move, or TFM. Buckle up for one bumpy ride..

The Hazard

What the (@fultonsmith)

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The Tee Box

Tube socks, bucket hats, hit-and-runs

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The Pisser

Oh no not while he's holding his piece (@Jay__Bird11)

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And he was never heard from or seen again.

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No one is safe (@brendan3smith)

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The Fairway

Wait for it

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Near the Green

I don't know maybe don't wear that stupid hat next time (@colefischer)

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Basically there is no safe space on the golf course when you’re dealing with friends like these. Half of these lads are probably wasted, preparing for the 19th hole. It doesn’t seem like anyone has gotten too hurt, besides the little boy in the original Vine, but this fad is one of the more renegade-y type we’ve seen.

Pro Golfers Getting Wasted:

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