The best golf moments from Entourage

If you love the show Entourage then you know they have some hilariousĀ golf scenes. If you haven’t seen them or just don’t watch the show (which is your first mistake), then you’re in luck.

We have compiled the best golf scenes from the show, and per usual have great cameos like Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, and Mark Wahlberg.

Season 5, Episode 6 (“ReDOMption”)

Ari Gold squares off with Allen Gray in a less-than-friendly golf match. Ari has the odds stacked against him when Allen decides to bring along a bumbling old man Bob Ryan and his coach Phil Mickelson.

Gold, founder of one of Hollywood’s top agencies, produces the greatest wit of any character in television history. However, all of his swagger cannot hide the ticking time bomb that is is temper (which is usually set off by his wife or his assistant). Combine that with Gray, the President of Warner Brother Studios, who despises Gold’s top client, Vincent Chase. All because Vin asked to rework a shooting schedule for his movies.

Clearly Mickelson needs some acting lessons, however his scripted talk brings some comic relief to a tension-filled match when stakes get high.

Season 6, Episode 5: (“Fore!”)

Vinny Chase and Johnny Drama pair up with Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady during a charity golf outing. Drama, being Drama, decides to offer a friendly wager to the Super Bowl MVP and award-winning actor…which completely backfires as he doesn’t play up to his supposed 10-handicap.

In the process Drama gives us one of the best scenes in Entourage history. Side note: Brady’s acting completely blows Mickelson’s out of the water.

Bonus Material

Here is a compilation of the smaller golf-related scenes from the show. Clearly the guys have a lot of time on their hands, it sure must be nice to have a rich friend of family member taking care of the group.

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