John Daly wears a Hawaiian T-Shirt when visiting President Trump

To think that we all thought that Trump driving a golf cart on the green of his own golf course was a power move. Well, John Daly might have just topped that with his top of choice when visiting the White House to see his friend and president, Donald Trump.

Here is Trump, not a care in the world, driving a golf cart on the green just to receive a club from a playing partner.

Trump driving across the greens is such a Trump power move it hurts @foreplaypod (credit mikenfrank on twitter)

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The Daly family posed for a picture with the 45th President in the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon.

Daly coined the term, “grip it, and rip it”, which is essentially what he must have done this morning when getting dressed…in the dark…and in a hurry.

Some view Daly’s clothing choice as a sign of disrespect, but to be fair if Trump and Daly are friends then why can’t Daly dress casually for the event. Would you get all dressed up to see an old friend if he or she was president of the US. You may feel compelled to if you are receiving an award from the president, but for a simple gathering of friends I think the shirt and tie may be a bit too much.

The two-time Major champion defended Trump this past week when LPGA golfer Brittany Lincicome insulted the President when asked about having the Women’s U.S. Open at Trump National in Bedminster, New Jersey.

“Hopefully maybe he doesn’t show up and it won’t be a big debacle and it will be about us and not him,”Lincicome said.

Daly answered Lincicome via twitter when she asked him for a favor:

Bottom line, if Trump and Daly are this good of friends then Daly should be allowed to wear whatever he wants on a casual visit (notice the word usage) to the White House.

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