Do you remember Tiger Woods’ amazing British Open commercial?

No matter what age you are, when you hear the jingle “I wish that, I knew what I know now…when I was younger,” one can only feel nostalgia and a want to go back and change something. Or relive it. 

That’s why Nike’s 2005 commercial of a child-version Tiger Woods winning the British Open is so brilliant. It takes you on a miniature rollercoaster of emotion.

We begin with Woods as a child being inserted into his 2000, eight-stroke, British Open victory at St. Andrews. Lets stop and admire how much time went into cutting these shots and inserting old footage of Tiger. They make it look so authentic, almost as if Tiger did play St. Andrews in his current state.

You start to feel that child-like innocence when watching little Tiger take a big hack at the ball, the way he carries his bag by himself without a caddie, or the massive grin he gives after the final putt. Regardless if you like Woods now or not, you still can’t help but smile and be forced to think back to the time you fell in love with the game of golf. Then you really feel like a kid.

But then there is a sharp turn, an emotional one. When Tiger sees his dad, and all of a sudden we find ourselves back in the present as Tiger embraces his father. Both smiling, both on the verge of happy tears, just pure happiness. (I get chills watching it every time, just because of the impact of the commercial’s plot twist).

When the commercial came out in 2005, Woods’ dad, Earl Woods, was still alive. The commercial is more prominent than ever because Woods no longer had his father to embrace after a victory. The brilliance of the plot twist, along with the music and touching ending make this a timeless commercial.

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