The strict new dress code for the LPGA is mean spirited body shaming

Trevor Woods

If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you play good. Well, not so fast, the LPGA is making that harder to accomplish, as they set forth a new set of strict dress code rules. Welcome to 2017, where new rules get put in place that nobody is asking for.

The new rules appeared in an email, including NO plunging necklines, no wearing leggings by themselves, length of a skirt must be long enough to not see the bottom area (even if covered by shorts), “appropriate attire” at pro-am parties, among other things.

This is taking the LPGA into archaic territory and the dress code appears to be glaringly sexist. Other professional sports, such as tennis, swimming, figure skating, all allow for a woman to dress comfortably and confidently.

Breakdown of why the dress code is ridiculous

  • No Plunging Necklines- This is a politically correct saying women need to make sure their cleavage cannot be seen. It gets really hot on a golf course during a long 18 holes, men can unbutton their polo if they so please and let their chest breathe, why can’t a woman? RIDICULOUS.
  • Length of skirt- In tennis, women can wear a skorts/skirts that aren’t all that long, with shorts underneath them. This allows for less drag of heavy fabric flying around while they play their sport. The same should be acceptable in the LPGA, it really isn’t that big of a deal if we see shorts under a skirt, it should be no issue at all.
  • “Appropriate Attire at pro-am events”- What is this? A private school that only allows their students to wear uniforms? The term appropriate attire is subjective, what should be appropriate is whatever the ladies want to wear. It is as if the LPGA does not want women to be fashionable.
  • Only allowing the wearing of leggings under a skirt- Do they realize how comfortable leggings are? The wearing of them isn’t for these women to get people to look at their lower half, they wear them because it allows them to be extra comfy on the links.

These are just some of the new rules implemented, that are doing more harm to the LPGA than any good it could possibly ever do. It is body shaming, plain and simple. It is sexist. It is unfair.

Reactions on Twitter reflect this:

The self-esteem of the human experience can be very fragile, and there’s no excuse for the LPGA making beautiful women, inside and out, feel less than their worth. They’re just trying to feel confident and feel good playing the game that they love. Why in the world would the LPGA infringe upon that in any form? Body shaming= shame on you LPGA.

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