Greg Norman and Gary Player strip down for two very different reasons

Greg Norman and Gary Players are sure to spark plenty of debate with some of their most recent additions to the social media sphere. 

Indeed, there are no shortage of burning questions in the world of golf. Will Tiger Woods return to the golf course? Will Phil Mickelson ever win a U.S. Open? Is Rory McIlroy going to return to his winning ways? Will the PGA Tour follow the LPGA Tour’s lead and ban joggers?

But of all the golf questions and barstool debates, nothing tops this one: What is Greg Norman’s obsession with posting shirtless pictures on Instagram? Seriously.

And while you’re mulling that over, consider recent addition to his Instagram page.

Not too many options here at 11,850 ft in the Colorado Flat Top Wilderness after 2 days in the saddle!!!! #chilly

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Oh God, where are his pants? Why are you doing this, sir?

Norman, one of the most physically gifted but mentally frail PGA Tour stars of yesteryear, wants attention, that is clear. But why? Are his fans clamoring for this? Is it because he misses the spotlight? He wants to show off his body? He finds it side-splittingly funny? Surely none of this can really boost the bottom line at Great White Shark Enterprises?

Let’s compare this with Gary Player’s recent social media morsel. Now, Player is certainly afflicted with a strain of the same disease, but at least he generally stays on message: Stay healthy, work out, don’t accept that you have to slow down with age.

This video of a the octogenarian completing three-quarters of a backflip off the edge of a boat is different at its core from Greg Norman’s nude. It’s not just about him (Player). The South African is reiterating his core message about fitness, which he has been an advocate for since the 60s.

All personal social media is a vanity project, yes, but Norman and Player are engaging in fundamentally different projects with their latest efforts: narcissism and advocacy. Not all shirtless grandparents are created equal. Ultimately, Mr. Player ought to be praised and Mr. Norman, well, he should just stop (but he never will).

Age is just a number!

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