Plugging golf announcers into other sports is hilariously awesome

When is it not fun to pretend to be a golf announcer? Whispering your thoughts ever so slowly and steadily because you have all the time in the world to get your point across. Then out of no where…a climax! A shot that makes you drop your jaw in amazement, and the only time you’ll hear the announcer raise his voice a notch.

Yes, you have to love golf announcers.

But it’s even more fun when people plug golf announcing into different sports. The latest example is when Sports Illustrated plugged in golf analysts announcing missed-putts during a series of DeAndre Jordan free throws. If you didn’t already know, Jordan is┬ánotorious for missing at the charity strip.

But these calls would probably even get a chuckle out of the most passionate Clippers fans:

Golf announcers call DeAndre Jordan missing FTs (via Dastardly Marmoset/YouTube)

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You’re probably thinking that it would be pretty entertaining if a broadcaster in another sport would use a golf voice during an actual game. Well it would be, and it’s been done before.

In April of 2015 the Orioles closed their ballpark for fan-safety reasons after the numerous riots that had taken place in Baltimore that week. Orioles announcer Gary Thorne decided to do his best Jim Nantz impression given how empty and quiet the stadium was.

As much fun as it is to listen to other sport’s broadcasters pretend to be golf announcers, nothing will come close to the real thing. In terms of wildly amusing entertainment – which is hard to come by with all that whispering – David Feherty would take the honors of being the best.

Feherty has mastered the art of taking what seems to be an ordinary moment on the golf course, and turning it into something hilarious. The best part is the man doesn’t seem to be trying when he does it.

Golf cannot offer an adrenaline-filled atmosphere that other sports have, but you certainly can’t deny the fact that it’s announcers (especially ones like Feherty) are entertaining in their own right.

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