Not surprisingly, Johnny Miller wasn’t impressed by Branden Grace’s 62

Of all the certainties in golf, the fact that Johnny Miller would disparage any record-breaking 62 in a major has long been carved in stone.

Why? Well, Miller’s record-setting final-round 63 at Oakmont in 1973 U.S. Open has long been his calling card.

We got a taste for Miller’s feelings toward anyone joining him at 63 when he put down Justin Thomas’ at the U.S. Open earlier this year, saying the tournament was more like the Milwaukee Open than the U.S. Open.

Thus, no one in the world of golf was surprised when dear Johnny offered this faint praise of Branden Grace’s record-breaking 62 at Royal Birkdale.

“(The course) was set up really, really easy today, folks, but still a heck of a round,” Miller bellowed from the booth.

Now, Miller does have a point about course difficulty. As Justin Ray of Golf Channel tweeted

The problem, however, is that Miller has spent so much time gloating about and referencing his 63, that these remarks look like criticism even when they contain a morsel of truth.

It isn’t surprising, then, when the Twitterverse has this response. The truly shocking thing, however, is PGA Tour pros seem to be just as tired of hearing Johnny relieve his past glories as the rest of the golf world.

Now, if Miller would have made a more fact-based and nuanced point, like Justin Ray did, perhaps his remarks would have looked more like analysis and less like jealously. Unfortunately, Miller doesn’t exactly do facts and nuance, so he’s stuck in the web he weaves.

It’s difficult to feel sorry for Miller. But yes, Johnny, your 63 is still the best with relation to the field average. And as you’ve spent 40 years gloating, there’s no reason to stop now.

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