“Go get that!” Jordan Spieth explains his incredible eagle celebration

In the course of Jordan Spieth’s rollercoaster final round and seizure of the Claret Jug, dramatic moments piled in like passengers on the rush-hour Tube.

While plenty will spend time putting Spieth’s win in context, breaking down the narratives, going over his stats with a fine toothed comb, the now three-time major champion’s celebration at the 15th hole is worth another look and a little investigation.

Here’s what happened in briefest terms: Jordan Spieth poured in an eagle putt from distance, and with the rush of blood to the head and shot of adrenaline to the heart, told caddie Michael Greller “Go get that,” in reference to his golf ball in the hole.

Here’s the clip

While most in the Twitterverse thought Spieth’s gesture was one of stone-cold badassery, some found it curious, and potentially demeaning to his caddie (similar to the Jason Dufner putter drop or the Billy Horschel putter throw).

In the few hours since Spieth hoisted the jug, “Go get that!” has become a bona fide thing. Greller himself, for what it’s worth, doesn’t have a problem with the command “I happily went and got it.”

Spieth talked about his dramatic point and command after the round.

“It was kind of like an old-school movie when the caddies used to get it out of the hole when guys holed a chip. When you’re here, the TVs are always playing old Open Championships, and especially at that venue.”

“ I don’t know, I saw it, and for whatever reason, I didn’t really know what I was doing at that point. I looked over at Michael and he was in shock, too, and I just said, ‘Pick that ball up out of the hole.’ And he didn’t really know what I was saying at first.”

There you have it. Spieth was inspired by something he’d seen in the past, and he was carried away by the moment. His intention, certainly, wasn’t to demean Greller, and Greller didn’t have a problem taking orders, so there ultimately shouldn’t be an issue there.

It was almost a “give me the ball” type of moment when I player know he’s in the zone and just wants to continue executing. A magical, unscripted reaction to an extraordinary achievement. You know, something like, this.

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