Skip Bayless calls out Jordan Spieth for stupidest reason

With a pair of trophies hoisted at PGA Tour events this weekend, we were mercifully party to the death of two stupid golf narratives.

No need to reassert the platitude that it was an exciting week in the world of professional golf thanks to Jordan Spieth’s brilliant British Open triumph. Not surprisingly, there’s plenty of chatter devoted to that fact in the aftermath.

Fewer people are talking about Grayson Murray’s breakthrough win at the Barbasol Championship, which is entirely understandable. And no one is talking about this morsel of manna from the golf gods: We don’t have to listen to two extremely annoying golf narratives anymore, and for that, all golf fans should be grateful.

The first nonsensical story: Jordan Spieth was so scarred by his 2015 Masters meltdown that he’ll never win a major championship again.

Well, the fact that Spieth did, you know, win another major championship ought to put this to bed. But even more than this, the resolve he showed Sunday as things began to slip away should close the book on this silly story. Spieth bounced back from a bogey at the first hole, recovered after he hit his ball onto the the driving range at the 13th and moved further into red figures thereafter.

If you want to say, as professional firestarter Skip Bayless did, that Spieth relies too heavily on his caddie, by all means, have that debate. But as of July 23, 2017, we should no longer be talking about the events at the 12th hole at Augusta National have permanently handicapped Jordan Spieth.

This brings us to our second tall tale: Grayson Murray is a fringe-level tour pro who ought to keep his mouth shut on Twitter and focus on practicing and preparing for tournaments instead.

Murray has blazed his own trail, of that there is no doubt, but since that trail just led him to a PGA Tour victory in his rookie season, we ought to pretty much let the guy do what he wants. Tweet a ton, don’t tweet, get in Twitter beefs, don’t, the dude is now a tour winner. We should stop pretending we know better than he does about what will work for him.

But of course, as mentioned, when one door of idiocy closes, another opens. Now we have to parry absurd attacks from Skip Bayless like this (via Tron Carter on Twitter).

Facepalm. At least there’ll be plenty to talk about in what remains of the PGA Tour season.

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