Improve your short game by watching Open Champion Jordan Spieth

The art of the short game seems to be an enigma to anyone who plays golf. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve played, the short game around the greens will give anyone trouble, especially chipping it close.

So if you feel like Charles Barkley does about his short game, you should read on. Help for your short game is on the way.

This past weekend we witnessed 23-year-old Jordan Spieth capture the Open Championship, and one of the pivotal parts of playing on a links course is the ability to capitalize onĀ the short game around the greens. The old bump-and-run chip shot, a shot designed to land on the green and release before snuggling next to the hole.

It is hard to perfect this shot, but this slow motion video of Spieth’s chipping motion should help solve some mysteries as to why you can’t bump-it and run-it.

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First, take a look at the positioning of Spieth’s ball, it is back in his stance and his hands are slightly out in front of the ball. This allows for the face to close slightly which will give it that running effect. The ball is back in his stance, so it is easier to catch and is in a more optimum position when using a wedge.

Next, watch how Spieth’s head does not move in any direction, this is something many weekend-warrior golfers struggle with. When chipping it is so vital to keep your head down and focused on making solid contact with the ball. Never should you pull your head up before contact, this will take your focus off the ball and inevitably you will not make clean contact.

Finally, look at how Spieth keeps his lead arm straight during the abbreviated swing. This allows him to return the club face back to it’s starting point and lead to solid contact with the ball. Many golfers on these shots like to cock their wrists which is an inconsistent approach. Trust the club face and the loft of the club to do the work.

If you can emulate Spieth’s swing above and make sure to focus on these key points of the swing, then you will shave strokes off your game around the greens.

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